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Expert help with mental health, work-related stress & burnout


Dr Jill Williams

Chartered Psychologist & Registered Counsellor

Uptrained Brain online course

For work stress, burnout & confidence building

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Everyday life can be blighted by issues such as stress and low mood. Recently there has been increasing awareness around mental wellbeing and people are realising it’s ok to admit if they’re struggling.
However, too often people assume their issues are here to stay. I know this needn't be true.

The name ReThink Therapy arose from my desire to help people rethink this common misconception and feel motivated to seek a brighter way to live.

The Uptrained Brain online course was inspired by the dedicated professionals I see regularly who are struggling with work stress, high self criticism, imposter syndrome and burnout, and struggling to build confidence in the workplace.  


The right psychological support can be truly transformative allowing freedom from work worry and increased confidence to better enjoy work and achieve your potential.

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Why therapy?

People come to see therapists or psychologists for many different reasons, but usually because they are struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, work stress or anxiety, low mood or depression, or the desire for more confidence.


 When life feels overwhelming, counselling can provide time to reflect and tactics to improve. A key aim of therapy is to give people the insight needed to take back control of their emotional distress and feel more resilient.

 Psychological services can also help those who do not consider themselves as having a mental health issue. It can help with personal growth and motivation, with gaining clarity about your behaviour or when you're lacking direction and feeling 'stuck' or burnout.

Freedom from worry and stress
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About me

I’m passionate about sharing evidence-based, psychological help that can change lives. Backing up my counselling qualifications and skills, I have a 20 year background in psychology, including a doctorate.


 I combine this knowledge with a  supportive, therapeutic relationship. In this way we can work together to gain insights, find solutions and change your day to day psychological well-being for the better.


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My therapy & coaching

I work in an integrated manner, which means I use a few different approaches that work well together. I will only ever use techniques with a strong evidence base. 


You are an individual and you deserve an individualised approach. I therefore offer a bespoke therapeutic and coaching service , primarily in the approaches below.

Sorry, my practice is currently full and I'm unable to take on any new clients for wholly in-person work.

 BUT places may be available on my Uptrained Brain online course

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Book an informal, no-pressure  free call. 


ReThink Therapy

Unit R, Anson House

1 Cae'r Llynen

Llandudno Junction LL31 9LS

Working across the UK

Tel. 07444 913877

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