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I want to thank you so so SO much for all your support over the last 6 months. You've always given such a safe and open space, you've always gone over and beyond in your support and care, and you really have helped my healing journey. In January I remember saying that the world had lost it's sparkle and magic, but now, ... I can see twinkles again! I feel waaaay more equipped to deal with the world, and truly start embracing the future rather than living in the past. 

I wish you all the very best and I know you're going to go on and make such a difference in someone else's life. Whoever comes after me, is very lucky to have you

I'd put off counselling for a while due to having a bad experience in the past and thinking it was all the same. I'm so glad I chose Jill , I was made to feel at ease straight away and I feel like I am finally getting my life back on track.

As someone who really struggles to open up emotionally Jill is one of a very small amount of people who I feel comfortable doing that with. I would happily recommend her services if you are at all in need of help in this way.

I’m not sure I understood that I had reached rock bottom when I stumbled into Jill’s office for our first session, but hindsight tells me that I most definitely had. I remember being surprised. I hadn’t expected to feel relief, reassurance and hope that things could actually be better- that there could be a different version of my day to day reality. I think I was there to simply surrender. But I did feel all of those emotions and that is testament to Jill and her ability as a therapist. Over the next 18 months, Jill carefully nurtured my self-confidence, self-compassion and assertiveness. I struggled and resisted at times - after all, it meant changing the habits of a lifetime - but Jill gently coaxed me along and adapted her techniques as and when she needed to. Compassion, empathy, humour, no-nonsense straight talk - I had all that and more. I will be forever grateful to her for the positive impact she has had on my mental health. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.

My mood has really lifted and I don't tend to worry about things I can't control or change like I used to. I don't think about the bad things that have happened in the past anywhere near as much and I'm now ready to concentrate on the future.

Please note: It's exciting early days for my   Uptrained Brain online coaching course for work stress, burnout, imposter syndrome and building workplace confidence. Feedback  will be added as soon as the reviews are in.

From her first email Jill was warm, understanding and supportive. It was clear that Jill put a lot of thought and preparation into each session and cared about me as a client AND an individual. 

During particularly emotional sessions for myself, Jill went over and above. I knew my wellbeing was always prioritised and Jill always made sure I was ok, both throughout and at the end of sessions.

I would recommend Jill to anybody in search of a counsellor. She is passionate, committed, caring and skilled. I have nothing but positive words to say about my time in counselling, which is testament to Jill's warm and skilled approach. Thank you, it's been a pleasure.

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