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5 STEPS to Overcome Burnout & Work Stress.  

Psychologist & Burnout Coach:
Dr Jill Williams

Help avoiding or recovering from burnout and work stress
(from the psychologist who's been there!)

Dr Jill Williams Executive Burnout Coach Psychologist.

Recognise yourself ?

Common burnout symptoms 

  •  Overthinking everything, finding it hard to turn off.

  •  Fear of mistakes. Perfectionism, over-checking or procrastination.

  •  Being your own worst critic – nothing you do ever feels enough.

  •  'Imposter Syndrome'- feeling like a fraud or feeling incompetent.

  •  Poor sleep or other physical symptoms of stress. Feeling burnt out.

  •  Irritability, or not enjoying downtime due to worry. 

  •  Spending the weekend just trying to unwind, dreading Monday.

  • Considering changing jobs due to disillusion with the mental/emotional toll.

10-week tune-up

Prepare to Embrace:

Leaving work at work
Freedom from worry

Calm confidence
Improved wellbeing
Increased productivity 

Instead of:
Work stress/Burnout
Worry & Self-criticism
Low confidence
Imposter Syndrome

Unfortunately, it's the most conscientious, motivated people that tend to burn out in the workplace.


Thankfully, there are scientifically-supported treatments to help you recover from stress and burnout (without lengthy therapy). 



"I hadn’t expected to feel relief, reassurance and hope that things could actually be better- that there could be a different version of my day to day reality...But I did feel all of those emotions and that is testament to Jill . Jill carefully nurtured my self-confidence, self-compassion and assertiveness.  It meant changing the habits of a lifetime - but Jill gently coaxed me along and adapted her techniques as and when she needed to. Compassion, empathy, humour, no-nonsense straight talk - I had all that and more. ​ I will be forever grateful to her for the positive impact she has had on my mental health. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her."

Dr Jill Williams

Work Stress Burnout Coach Psychologist
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Your guarantee of expert, ethical service.

Psychologist & Burnout Coach

I know just how soul-destroying burnout can feel, because I have my own personal story of burnout and recovery.


Let's empower you by uncovering the root causes of your burnout or stress. I can help you gain the insights and skills you need to heal and thrive.

Because I'm confident I can provide effective help with  burnout and stress, I also offer you a


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The 5-Step Solution (10 weeks)
 to Overcoming Burnout, Work Stress & Self-Doubt


Course Pillars
Book call

Details and next steps...


all inclusive 

10 week fully-supported  program


I'm happy to answer any email queries:

Course benefits:

  • Designed specifically by an experienced psychologist for motivated professionals

  • Deals with burnout and work stress at root cause level. Builds confidence.

  • Flexible self-directed learning

  • Downloadable resources

  • One-to-one psychologist sessions for individualised approach 


  • Weekly Q & A small group support calls

  • No financial risk - full refund guarantee if you're not happy with the results

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry but this course is not designed for people with significant clinical levels of anxiety or depression, suicidality or other serious mental illness diagnoses.  People with substantial mental health issues may need longer or different care, and I only want to promise what is achievable for you on this course. If in doubt, feel free to book a call, in confidence.

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