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Overthinking work stress burnout online course


Ready to overcome work-related stress and low confidence for good?

Anti-burnout course for career professionals

Your Coach and Psychologist: Dr Jill Williams

Work stress? Burnout? Low confidence?
Overthinking? Imposter Syndrome

Spent years of hard work qualifying for your career only to find yourself mentally struggling and disillusioned?  


You’re not alone.

On the surface, workplace stress and low confidence often just looks like drive. But ambition and dedication can tip into overthinking, over-working, stress, mental exhaustion and burnout.

Chronic stress wrecks concentration and causes fatigue. And then (as if we’re not miserable enough!) that inner critic kicks in and we beat ourselves up for not coping better, for not being good enough.

Help with workplace mental health executive stress

Often, we buy into the common myth that our unhappy, stressed state is just:

  •  an inevitability, ‘I’ve always been a worrier’

  • or the price of having a professional career

But there are sound psychological ways of achieving freedom from work stress and imposter syndrome and avoiding burnout. Ways that don't involve lengthy therapy or dwelling on the past. Scientifically proved methods that I apply successfully, time after time.

This online coaching course is for you if you're a motivated person & are experiencing any of the below:

  • Overthinking everything, finding it hard to turn off.

star bullet poin
  • Fear of mistakes. Perfectionism, over-checking or procrastination.

  • Being your own worst critic – nothing you do ever feels enough.

  • Lack of confidence. Feeling like an 'imposter' or fraud in your chosen career.

  • Poor sleep or other physical symptoms of stress. Feeling burnt out.

Start bullet point.
  • Irritability, or not enjoying downtime due to unnecessary worry. 

  •  Spending the weekend just trying to unwind, dreading Monday.

  • Considering changing jobs due to disillusion with the mental/emotional toll.

Your Psychologist & Expert Coach

Presented by
Dr Jill Williams


I love helping people find the positive headspace they didn't believe possible.

I'm a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society - that's your guarantee of sound psychological methods and ethical treatment.

Working together I'm confident we can turn your thought processes around so they start working for you, not against you.

Psychological science with a human approach


5 Steps to Overcoming Overthinking & Self Doubt
for Career Professionals


Brain-based 'first aid' to calm a stressed nervous system


Silence the inner critic


Decode and ditch self-defeating behaviours


Gain freedom from overthinking & work worry 


Future Blueprint:

 Maintain progress with confidence & new goals

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Course Pillars

I’m looking for 6 motivated professionals who are ready to take back control of worry, self-doubt & stress in 2023.

If you’ve put years of hard work into your career – why wouldn’t you optimise that?

You can rewire how your brain works for you. GIVE YOURSELF A WORKPLACE ADVANTAGE & START ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN.

Next steps... 
Questions welcome, or book a free 30mins online chat.
No pressure, let's just see if we're a good fit

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 07444 913877

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In February 2023 I'm extending my face to face practice and making available the 'Uptrained Brain' beta online programme, aimed specifically to help career professionals.

This won’t be a passive read, you will need to be a motivated person who will work with me on a powerful, interactive 10-week transformation.

 We’ll use scientifically proven methods to work on the key ways that the human psyche tends to cause work stress or burnout and hold back conscientious, hard-working professionals.

And to thank you, as one of the first 6 pioneers, I’ll create content which is bespoke and customised just for you. You’ll also get live one-to-one calls with me and we’ll tackle any problem you have together.

Work executive stress burnout overthinking worry

Once this program is complete, the price will be jumping up substantially and it won’t include my one-to-one time or customised attention at anywhere near the level you’re going to get.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry but this course is not designed for people with clinically significant levels of anxiety or depression, suicidality or other serious mental illness diagnoses.  People with substantial mental health issues may need longer or different care, and I only want to promise what is achievable for you on this course. If in doubt, feel free to book a call, in confidence.

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