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offered within office hours Monday-Wednesday

General information

Your first session

People often feel nervous coming to a therapist for the first time. They are concerned that they won't know where to start or don't know how they will explain feelings or behaviour they can't make sense of themselves. The first session we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. Don't worry about giving a perfectly clear, coherent account immediately - I'm trained to help you explore your situation, and over the first couple of sessions we will decide together where to focus.


The first session is a chance for me to assess your needs and check that your problems are suitable for counselling. Equally importantly,  you can ask questions and see if you would feel comfortable working with me. If working online together, it's a chance to talk you through how this will work and ensure you feel comfortable working with the technology.

 I would also explain to you our Counselling Agreement. This document is considered good practice within counselling. It sets out both client and counsellor rights and responsibilities, helping you know what to expect, should you decide to work with me.

This first session is available at a reduced price and without pressure.

Anson House building

June 2022 Update:  With the end of Covid-19 restrictions, I am now happy to take bookings for in-person therapy. However, I am still offering online sessions, if preferred.


Therapy is not a quick fix but is an ongoing commitment to your mental health. Therapy involves regular, usually weekly, sessions. I offer appointments within office hours, usually Monday - Wednesday.


I work on a flexible premise of six 1 hour sessions initially, with regular reviews to ensure we stay focused for optimal progress.

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Modern, comfortable office with disabled access - discretely located in Anson House, Llandudno Junction, just off the A470

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Online Therapy

A safe and effective way to access

psychological support

Online therapy counselling

  •  How does online therapy compare to working face to face?

Online therapy using a video platform is a way for you to see and talk to your counsellor on your computer or tablet. Whilst different from face to face therapy, it is not a second-rate option.  Research shows that clients rate it as just as effective as in-person work, and still feel able to build a good therapeutic relationship with their counsellor.

In additional to my significant background in online teaching, I have engaged in much additional, accredited training to ensure your webcam therapy is as comfortable, secure and effective as possible.










  • What will I need?

-  Access to a laptop/tablet with webcam and mic (inbuilt is usually fine) and a reliable internet connection.

-  A private space where you can feel free to talk without fear of being overheard, distracted or interrupted.

  • How it is done?

I currently use the online platform Zoom*, and take all measures to ensure utmost security and confidentiality. Clients usually find it very user friendly and I will forward details to help you with the initial set up.

In the same way as face-to-face therapy, we’ll be able to see and hear each other. In addition, online therapy allows for easy sharing  of explanatory diagrams and worksheets to discuss together in real time.

*Security issues of video platforms will be regularly assessed and the one used may change accordingly.


  • Is it right for me?

I will always assess people to determine if they are well-suited to online therapy. Please consider that online therapy may not be suitable for you if:

  • you are experiencing very high levels of emotion

  • you experience very intense levels of trauma flashbacks with significant dissociation where you cannot engage with ongoing conversation.

  • being overheard would mean you were not safe.

  • you have a hearing or speech impairment, autistic spectrum disorder, or feel you sometimes struggle to see or interpret non-verbal cues in communication.

  • you have body dysmorphia or body image issues and will find it very difficult to see your own image on screen, even briefly.


However, for most people, online therapy provides a very private, convenient and effective way to access therapy from the comfort of their own home.

  • Still have questions?

... feel free to message with any further queries, or use the reduced price assessment session to trial the online therapy environment, without commitment.

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online therapy
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First assessment session  (60 minutes) £30

Reduced price, without commitment, for the initial session 

Regular session (60 minutes)  £60

A regular session - usually in the same weekly timeslot.

Extended regular session (90 minutes)  £85

Sometimes a few longer sessions may be necessary, e.g. for trauma/PTSD work.

Cancellation fees apply for cancellations and re-scheduling made with less than 24 hours' notice.  (No fee payable where more than 24 hours' notice given.)                          .

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