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SHUT UP your Inner Critic 
Dial down stress


FREE webinar by Dr Jill Williams

Relaxed young woman in nature.

I'm sharing some my most powerful tools for ditching self-criticism and the stress that it fuels.

Embrace compassion. Build resilience. Live happier!

A transformative free resource to mark International Stress Awareness Week

  • Lunchtime:Thursday 2nd November 2023 at 12.30pm  

  • Evening: Tuesday 7th November 2023 at 7pm (UK time, GMT)     

Watch live for an interactive experience & bonus resources. Approx 60mins

What you'll learn in this free webinar


What our Inner Critic does to us
spoiler: it's not great!)

The self-criticism inflicted on us by our inner critic (inner voice)  has real and sometimes devastating effects on our brains, on our stress response and on how we feel and view ourselves.

Our inner critic can keep us frozen in shame or fear, or punish us constantly for not meeting unrealistic standards. This toxic and distressing habit can be hard to break but, with the right support, IT IS POSSIBLE! 


Why learning self-compassion means strength NOT self-Indulgence.

Self-compassion (our superhero in battling self-criticism) is not about always telling yourself you're perfect. Nor is it about endless bubble baths and nice me time (although, count me in on those too!)

Self-compassion is actually about being committed to noticing and alleviating pain in yourself, even when this means questioning the ways we usually respond and facing difficulties head-on.


Practical stress-reducing strategies to start immediately

I'll introduce you to a 5-step plan - a brain-savvy but very accessible approach to start making positive changes.  Learn how to become more aware of unhelpful self-criticism, explore what it does to you, and how to use that inner dialogue differently.

Retire that harsh inner critic and work on having a supportive cheerleader instead. Then just watch the change in your stress and anxiety once you've taken the fuel away!

About Dr Jill Williams:


  • Chartered Psychologist

  • Executive Coach

  • Mental Health Therapist

  • 25 year background in psychology

  • Specialising in overcoming stress & worry and building confidence. 

Dr Jill Williams Executive Coach, Psychologist, Counsellor
Young Freelancer

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Two chances to watch live for an interactive experience & bonus resources.

  • Lunch:Thursday 2nd Nov 2023 at 12.30pm

  • Evening: Tuesday, 7th Nov 2023 at 7pm

              (UK time, GMT)

A recording will be available for a limited time.

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